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Maryland based. serving the dc metro area for 15+ years

Photos That Sell For You.

What is Personal Branding?

The world lives online and when potential customers come across your content, you have about 6 seconds to catch their attention and keep them around. 

Branding gives you a clean, cohesive collection of images that work together to help make your business easily recognizable. Building trust with your audience by showing them a peek behind the scenes, close up details, and the personalities behind the logo. 

Personal branding is you, your products/services, your business, and how the world perceives all those things. What message is your brand sending?

Real Brands, Real People.

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Creative Headshots

Also called environmental portraits, these are an upgrade from the boring traditional head and shoulders in front of a boring, blank wall. Let's show some personality! Artists posing with their favorite painting, Realtors at a gorgeous listing, tech experts with their laptop...

A great headshot is a must for every professional.

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Product Photos

A great product can fall victim to bad photography just like a person. Don't let bad lighting and weird angles turn customers off. Together, we can show off all those amazing details and make them shine! 

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Custom "Stock" Photos

Don't settle for what a quick google search can find. Promote special events, sales, and new products with imagery that captivates your audience. Make it personal. Creating "stock" style photos that feature you, your products, and your clients will truly elevate your brand. 


Running her own studio and serving the DC Metro area for over 16 years, Amanda has received numerous awards and was featured in several local and national magazines. Her work has been published overseas for James Beard nominated restaurants and was on billboards in Times Square, NY for an Axe ad campaign.

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